The Essential Guide To Buying A Dining Table

You’ve probably thought about purchasing a new dining room table in Canada, but which one is the best? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice. First, you should consider what your dining room is used for. Is it a formal space for entertaining guests, or does your family use it daily for homework and crafts? For the latter, you should consider a table with low maintenance requirements. Also, leave enough space around the table to move chairs in and out of their seats.

Solid wood:

You may feel overwhelmed by the many styles available regarding solid wood dining room tables. There are many types to choose from, including pedestal, drop-leaf, and extendable styles. A solid wood table is a classic choice that can last for generations. You can stain it in any color, choose from drop-leaf or pedestal styles, and even choose the size and shape of your table. To care for your table, use protective products such as placemats and coasters to protect it from damage. You should also polish it at least twice a year and keep it in a humidity-controlled environment to protect it from damage.

Round or oval:

If you’re unsure about which style of dining room table to choose, consider the visual effect of an oval table. Though oval tables have similar features to their rectangular cousins, they have rounded corners. The rounded corners give the illusion of less space, and the curved corners add intimacy. The oval style of the table is also great for smaller rooms, where each person needs at least two feet of eating space. An oval dining table should be at least 36 inches wide to accommodate large numbers of people comfortably.


The most common materials for dining room tables are wood and glass. Wood is a classic choice because it can be easily updated with a new coat of stain or paint. Weathered wood can hide nicks and scratches. Wood is a great investment for the long run and is unbeatable for families with young children. A table made of laminate or treated wood will cost less than solid wood but is more susceptible to stains and scratches.